Powervation digital controller design-in takes TDK PoL converter to 60A

May 30, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
This 60 A Digital point-of-load power module provides a full range of features and PMBus programmability in a 1-square-inch outline

Powervation, designer of Intelligent Digital Power ICs has secured a design win for its PV3012 digital controller in the TDK-Lambda iJB Series of high-current digital POL modules.

The iJB series products support low-voltage, high-current operation while providing ±0.5% set-point accuracy over line, load, and temperature range. The PMBus functionality of the module provides real-time telemetry of voltage, current, and temperature and enables full programmability of the DC/DC converter. The iJB series products also employ function setting pins, enabling them to be used in non-PMBus applications.

TDK notes that with Powervation’s intelligent auto-tuning technology, Auto-Control, the modules bring better dynamic performance and system stability to the application - autonomously managing circuit and load variations due temperature, component tolerances, ageing and board impedances.

Powervation’s Auto-Control auto-tuning technology is an adaptive compensation technology that optimises dynamic performance and system stability in real-time without requiring any noise injection or the drawbacks of periodic techniques. This is a key benefit for modules and other designs that drive unknown or variable output loads, and addresses the challenges of load parameter drift that occurs over temperature and time.

Comments Powervation’s CEO, Mike McAuliffe: “TDK- Lambda’s iJB series delivers industry-leading power density with this 60 A solution requiring only one square inch of board space. Optimized system and component design and deployment of the advanced digital control features provided by Powervation’s PV3012, has resulted in higher efficiency & reliability, faster transient performance and precision voltage control over all conditions.”

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