Precision low passive intermodulation adapters target wireless infrastructures

August 09, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Pasternack Enterprises expands its product line of high performance, precision low passive intermodulation (PIM) adapters, providing very low PIM levels that are consistently less than -165 dBc with low VSWR levels up to 8GHz.

The units are well suited portable PIM testing and portable sweep testing. Other low PIM adapter applications include installations in cellular/PCS, RF wireless infrastructure, OEM in-rack RF routing, in-building systems, and land mobile radio. The PIM adapters are fabricated with high machine tolerances providing an optimum electrical and mechanical interface. Each low PIM adapter body is plated with a tri-metal Abaloy coating that produces a very durable surface with good corrosion protection and abrasion resistance, while providing superior electrical contact properties.

The adapters are available with between-series 7/16 DIN and Type N connectors. In-series low PIM adapters have various combinations of 7/16 DIN, N and SMA connector types. Pasternack's new lines of precision adapters mate perfectly to their low PIM coaxial cable jumpers.

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