Professional service tool for KNX system integrators

September 19, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With the i-bus tool, ABB offers an innovative software concept. It supports system integrators when starting up and servicing KNX systems.

The tool can access ABB i-bus devices through a standard KNX interface and the device's physical address. The user can trigger actions, read out settings and memory contents and set configurations in the device connected. Internal data and hardware settings which hitherto were not accessible or could be accessed only with difficulties will now be displayed in a simple and transparent manner. They can be retrieved and, provided the user has the proper rights, be altered. As an example, the status bytes are displayed in plain language. An important principle for the usage is that the i-bus tool can not cause any deviations to the ETS project. The usage of the tool is optional in the sense that it will remain possible that all ABB i-bus devices can be started up through the ETS software.

For each devices supported, ABB offers a plug-in which generates a custom user interface within the i-bus tool. The plug-ins displays device-specific data and allows the user to perform the desired settings. The i-bus tool will be gradually enhanced by new functions and devices. These enhancements will be offered online and can be installed automatically.

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