Program any SPI Flash via J-Link and Flasher – regardless of CPU model

June 10, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
J-Flash SPI software allows Segger’s in-circuit programmers and debug probes to support direct programming of SPI flashes.

Users of current models of J-Link PLUS, ULTRA+ and PRO, as well as Flasher ARM and PRO can employ J-Flash SPI to program serial (SPI) flashes, which are directly connected to the J-Link or Flasher.

“Serial flashes have become increasingly popular, also in typical microcontroller applications. Especially, SPIFI interfaces, which allow treating SPI flashes as memory-mapped, have contributed to this popularity,” says Dirk Akemann, Partnership Marketing Manager at Segger. “The ability to program these flashes with J-Link and Flasher adds a lot of value to these products.”

Typically, the CPU of the target system is held in reset so that J-Link has full access to the flash. It can read back, verify, program and erase all common SPI flashes from various manufacturers.

As the exchange takes place directly with the flash, this way of programming also allows programming of an SPI flash which is connected to a CPU model currently not directly supported by J-Link or Flasher.

J-Flash SPI is part of the latest version of the J-Link software and documentation pack.