Programmable AC power supply can switch to DC output

January 26, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
The rack-mounted AFV-P Series of power sources features a wide voltage and frequency range plus DC; it has touch panel display, simple programming of test sequences for fast slew rate and high peak current in power test sequences.

Intepro Systems, specialist in ATE power systems, designed the AFV-P Series of precision, programmable AC/DC power sources to deliver four power levels – 600VA, 1250VA and 2500VA (2U) and 5000VA (5U) – and provide clean power with distortion less than 0.3% at 50/60 Hz. Output voltage is from 0 to 310 VAC and frequency from 40 to 500 Hz (15 to 1000 Hz with a high-frequency option). The devices can also be programmed to provide DC power from 300W to 2500W at 0-210/0-420 VDC. The units feature 300 µsec slew rate (for 0-90% change in output voltage) and can deliver up to 4.5 times peak current (crest factor) from its max rated current. The APF-V Series is intended for commercial, defence and aerospace test applications, from design verification and quality assurance to automated production testing.


Complex testing sequences include transient generation functions that provide simulation of voltage variations, surges, drops and frequency disturbances with 1-msec programming resolution. The 5-in. touch screen with rotary knob allows quick adjustments and configuration of voltage, current and frequency. Users can remotely control the unit via standard interfaces of USB, RS232/RS485, LAN or optional GPIB and analogue control. Free control software and LabVIEW driver are available for easy programming and remote control.


Intepro Systems;