Programmable crystal oscillators cover the 0.67 to 170MHz range

April 07, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Seiko Epson is extending its line of programmable crystal oscillators with the SG-8101 series and SG-9101 series, both operating in an extended temperature range of -40 to +85ºC (a top-end limit of 105°C).

Drawing 2.9mA to 7mA over the 20 to 170MHz range (with a 3.3V supply voltage), the devices feature a 50% lower current consumption than comparable Epson products. The SG-8101 also has 66% tighter frequency tolerance (±15 ppm in the -40 to +85ºC temperature range). Users will be able to program both the SG-8101 series and the spread-spectrum oscillators that reduce spectral EMI emissions in the SG-9101 series with an SG-Writer II programming tool. Volume production is scheduled to begin in June 2016. In addition to a 2.5x2.0mm package that will enable electronics manufacturers to save board space, the oscillators will also be available in popular package sizes including 3.2x2.5mm, 5.0x3.2mm, and 7.0x5.0mm.

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