Programmable power supplies extended to deliver 600W

June 20, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
For standalone or system applications, and suitable for 2U rack mounting, TDK has added 600W models to its TDK-Lambda Z+ Series of programmable DC power supplies.

Complementing the Z+200, Z+400 and Z+800 ranges, these 600W programmable power supplies offer the same features and carry a 5-year warranty. Addressing the need for high quality bench-top power supplies for the R&D environment, the TDK-Lambda Z+600 range shares the same dimensions as the other Z+ ranges and thus offers high power density. The Z+600 range is also suited for ATE and OEM 2U rack mounted or integrated applications such as test & measurement, semiconductor burn-in, component test, laser diode, heater supplies, rf amplifiers and electromagnets.

Models in the 600W Z+ Series are available with output voltages up to 100 Vdc and output currents up to 60A. The Z+600 units can operate in either constant current or constant voltage modes and accept a universal (85-265 Vac) input. Higher power systems can be achieved by connecting up to six identical units in parallel with active current sharing. To increase the output voltage or to provide a bipolar output, a second unit may be connected in series.

All models can be programmed via the front panel or remotely using USB, RS232/485 and analogue interfaces, which are built in as standard. Optional LAN, GPIB (IEEE488) and isolated analogue programming interfaces are available.