Proprietary/custom signal analysis added to VSA software

March 06, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Agilent Technologies’ Vector Signal Analysis software now includes custom IQ modulation analysis to test proprietary signals for satellite and military communication applications.

Due to security concerns, engineers developing SATCOM and MILCOM applications typically use proprietary and non-standardised signals. Testing these signals using a general-purpose tool can be very time-consuming. Engineers often have to develop their own algorithms, which must then be modified for each domain (e.g., analogue, digital and RF) and different hardware drivers.

Agilent’s custom IQ modulation analysis simplifies this process by allowing engineers to create custom signal mapping that can be used to verify transmitters and also serves as a reference receiver for proprietary signals, enabling more accurate measurements. In addition, because the VSA software works across multiple platforms, there is no need rewrite code to accommodate different formats and drivers, further streamlining signal measurements.

89600 VSA software is a comprehensive set of tools for signal demodulation and vector signal analysis that provide simultaneous views of virtually every facet of complex signals. This critical information enables engineers to achieve the clarity needed to find the root cause of signal problems. The software runs on a PC or inside PC-based instruments. It works with spectrum analysers, signal analysers, oscilloscopes, logic analysers and modular instrument systems, as well as simulation software.

The new custom IQ modulation analysis option (BHK) for the 89600 VSA software is now available. A 45-day free trial of a fully featured version of the 89600 VSA, with no functionality restrictions, can be downloaded from the Trials and Licenses tab on at;