Protocol analyser supports DisplayPort and HDCP 2.2

June 06, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Introduced as the first portable test instrument with DisplayPort, 600MHz HDMI and HDBaseT interfaces, Teledyne LeCroy’s latest quantumdata 780 series handheld test instrument, the 780E Multi-Protocol Analyzer / Generator, is equipped with DisplayPort input and output ports.

Aimed at test engineers in R&D labs and professional A/V integrators in the field it is, the company claims, the only portable instrument capable of testing HDMI, HDBaseT and DisplayPort devices and distribution networks including HDCP 2.2 verification.


The 780E offers the broadest feature set available in a portable instrument, supporting tests for video, audio, protocols and the auxiliary channels. The instrument can run quick verification tests on distinct devices of any type (sources, repeaters, sinks) as well as entire video distribution networks, including heterogeneous networks comprising a mix of HDMI, DisplayPort and HDBaseT devices. The 780E supports these applications in a way that offers quick time to insight in diagnosing complex video distribution networks.


Both the DisplayPort interfaces, which support link rates up to 5.4 Gb/sec on 1, 2 or 4 lanes, and the 600 MHz HDMI interfaces support verification of HDCP 2.2 authentication on sources and sinks (displays). The instrument’s Auxiliary Channel Analyzer (ACA) utility enables you to monitor the HDCP 2.2 transactions in the same way the HDCP 1.4 transactions can be monitored currently on the existing 780 models.


Teledyne LeCroy;