Prototyping boards target Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone

January 06, 2014 // By Susan Nordyk
Mikronauts’ line of prototyping boards, designed to be easy-to-assemble, now includes versions that are specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone hardware platforms, are silk-screened on both sides, highlighting power and signal buses and taking the guesswork out of finding the signals under the solder mask. The EZas boards minimise the need for jumper wires by careful component placement and are servo and screw-terminal friendly.

The EZasPi 85×56-mm prototyping board has mounting holes above the Raspberry Pi test mount holes, allowing it to be securely attached to the Raspberry Pi using common M3 18-mm standoffs. A second version, the EZasPi (B), takes advantage of the additional GPIO provided by Revision 2 of the Raspberry Pi platform.

Intended for the BeagleBone Black development board, the EZasBone 86 × 54-mm prototyping board provides more than twice the prototyping area of competing bussed prototyping boards, its makers assert. Other members of the EZas family include the EZasPieProto300 and EZasPieProto 600, which can be used with development boards from any manufacturer.

The EZasPieProto300 accepts a large number of 0.300-in. DIPs and accommodates up to a 2 × 25 connector on the right edge. The EZasPieProto600 supports a number of servo headers with 40-pin DIPs. Both of these general-purpose prototyping boards are 101 × 79 mm.

EZasPi prototyping boards cost $12.95 each; EZasBone prototyping boards cost $15.95 each.

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