Prototyping for Software Defined Radio, in LabVIEW Comms Design Suite

December 11, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
National Instruments’ LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite combines software defined radio (SDR) hardware with a comprehensive software design flow to help engineers prototype 5G systems.

The LabVIEW Communications environment enables the entire design team to map an idea from algorithm to FPGA using a single high-level representation, replacing environments in which wireless prototyping has been undertaken by separate design teams using disparate design tools. This approach empowers designers to focus on innovation instead of implementation, which increases the rate and quality of their prototyping.

LabVIEW Communications is optimised for the SDR platform with a hardware-aware design environment that provides control of physical configuration, hardware constraints and system documentation in a functional software diagram. This adds the flexibility of the hardware to the software, which gives designers access to all components in the SDR platform. Using this deeply integrated solution helps designers achieve optimal performance by eliminating the need to manually map algorithms to different hardware architectures.

LabVIEW Communications includes built-in application frameworks for WiFi and LTE that enable wireless prototypers to focus on innovating specific components of existing standards rather than designing a new algorithm from scratch, says NI, adding thatsome of the academic and industry researchers in its lead user program, this approach has cut the time to a validated prototype in half.

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