PULS UK to offer free UK-based technical support for power supply customers

May 29, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
DIN-rail power supply manufacturer PULS UK is offering free UK-based advice and technical support for all its power supply products.

PULS is aiming to make sure customers are kept up to date and receive the help and advice they need to take full advantage of its latest products.

The company took the decision to base its support team in the UK to simplify communications and help reduce the time it takes to deal with enquiries. PULS claims the vast majority of queries are dealt with on-the-spot, but when necessary the team can call on their colleagues in Germany for additional specialist advice.

PULS is encouraging customers to contact them for advice on new products as well as for technical queries, thereby providing a valuable source of information for designers and project managers.   

Harry Moore, Managing Director of PULS UK, said: “It’s surprising how often the power supply is the last thing to be considered during a project. This is another reason why our technical support is so valuable. Our customers know that even if the choice of power supply has been left until the last minute they can talk through the application and order the correct products that same day.”

Visit PULS UK at www.puls.co.uk