Pulsed RF counter/analyzer supports advanced radar testing

December 12, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Spectracom, a business of the Orolia Group, has announced its Pulsed RF Counter/Analyzer, which further expands the capabilities of the company’s world leading line of frequency analysis instruments.

The pulsed RF measurement capability is particularly valuable for testing military and civilian radar systems in R&D, manufacturing, and service and maintenance. Combined with all the features of what is claimed to be the world’s fastest microwave counter, the Pendulum CNT-90XL is a high-performance tool at a price point far below microwave sampling oscilloscopes, signal source analyzers and spectrum analyzers. With high-resolution measurements of radar pulses down to 50 ns, and with carrier frequencies up to 60 GHz, the CNT-90XL sets a new industry standard for pulsed RF measurements.

“We understand the need for an affordable tool to test and validate modern radar, navigation and missile guidance equipment, using millimeter waves in sub-microsecond pulses. We can now provide a solution to perform all pulsed RF timing measurements like pulse width, PRI and PRF, plus carrier frequency in short pulses, and power measurements, at an affordable cost”, says Emmanuel Sicsik-Paré, Product Manager at Spectracom.

The pulsed RF features adds a new dimension to the standard capabilities of the CNT-90XL for pulsed and Doppler radars, which includes a 60 GHz frequency range, ultra-high measurement speed of 250k samples/s of frequency and power measurements, to allow AM and FM modulation analysis and accurate testing of fast Doppler radar shifts.

The Pulsed RF CNT-90XL Microwave Frequency Analyzer will be available in March 2013.