PXIe module aids sound and vibration testing

September 23, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
A PXI Express dynamic signal-acquisition module, the PXIe-9529 from Adlink Technology, furnishes up to eight 24-bit analogue-input channels simultaneously sampling at 192 ksamples/sec and a 108-dB dynamic range for high-density, high-channel-count signal measurements.

The module has a vibration-optimised lower AC cutoff frequency of 0.3 Hz, and all input channels incorporate 4-mA bias current for IEPE signal conditioning for accelerometers and microphones. These features position the PXIe-9529 for machine-condition monitoring; noise, vibration, and harshness testing; and phased-array data acquisition.

When performing high-channel-count data acquisition, the PXIe-9529’s built-in PLL allows multiple modules to lock to an external reference-timing signal to enable each module to perform measurements simultaneously. Additionally, the PXI star trigger ensures synchronisation between modules with less than 1 nsec of skew.

The PXIe-9529 offers input ranges of up to ±10V or ±1V, software-selectable AC or DC coupling, and differential and pseudo-differential input configurations, with up to ±42.4-V overvoltage protection for positive and negative inputs in both configurations. It works with Windows, LabView, MATLAB, and Visual Studio.NET and integrates seamlessly with Adlink’s 3U 18-slot PXES-2780 PXI Express chassis.

Adlink Technology; www.adlinktech.com