Pycom boards for IoT development, in distribution

March 13, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor RS Components has the Pycom range of development boards and accessories for IoT applications. Based on a MicroPython enabled microcontroller, the boards offer a platform for connected things with multiple communication standards.

The products use the latest Espressif ESP32 chipset dual processor, to rapidly create and connect devices via WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and the long-range IoT communication technologies LoRa and Sigfox. These enterprise-grade IoT development boards offer ultra-low-power usage and fit in a standard breadboard with headers.


There are three board variants in this release. The first, the WiPy 2.0, is a MicroPython-enabled WiFi and Bluetooth IoT development platform that features a 1 km WiFi range. The second is the LoPY, which is a triple communication bearer board offering LoRa, WiFi and BLE communications. The board can double up as a LoRa-based nano-gateway module. The third board is the SiPy board, which also offers triple communications with WiFi, BLE and Sigfox (with Sigfox RCZ1/3 and RCZ2/4 options).


Other accessories to support the development of IoT applications include: the Pyboard Universal Expansion Board v2; the LoPy/SiPy Universal Antenna Kit for LoRa and Sigfox); plus Pycase cases for all three boards offered in green, blue, grey, and clear colours. In addition, coming soon on the Pycom Exchange are dozens of ready-to-use templates and libraries for development of IoT solutions, along with a universal API.


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