Q7-format, rail-mounted PC comes with 2GB RAM and 7.2GB flash memory

October 24, 2013 // By Julien Happich
DSM Computer has extended its compact rail-mounted H1-A PC family with a system with integrated 2GB RAM and 7.2GB flash memory.

The large RAM capacity makes it possible to install the Microsoft Windows 7 Embedded and POSReady 7 operating systems. A large volume of user data can be saved in the onboard 7.2 GB flash memory.

The standardised installation offered with the rail-mounted H1-A PC with a height of 90 mm and a depth of 41mm (55 mm with cooling fins) allows it to be installed in an electrical or switching cabinet. With a width of 124 mm (7 U), the industrial computer is suited for installation under the rail-mounted standard cover. The robust IPC is installed in an aluminium housing.

In addition to two fast 1000 Base-T LAN connections, the rail-mounted PC provides two USB 2.0 ports and a serial RS232 interface. Like the 24 VDC power supply, the two metallically-separated RS485 ports are equipped with an insulation-piercing plug connector. The VGA interface can be used to connect a control monitor during the commissioning and for maintenance purposes.

The central component of the rail-mounted PC is a Qseven module that integrates the Intel Atom Z530 (1.6 GHz) processor and the Intel US15W SCH System Controller Hub with Intel GMA 500 Graphics Media Accelerator. To ensure optimum heat dissipation, the small 70 x 70 mm module is connected directly with the computer housing.

DSM Computer;  www.dsm-computer.de