Qt – mobile app and HMI development – gets its own company identity

September 17, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Having, until now, grown the Qt line as a product under the Digia name, activity has risen to the level where Digia has formed “The Qt Company” as a wholly owned subsidiary, to drive future Qt development and market expansion.

Under The Qt Company, a new Qt product site, www.qt.io is launched unifying the commercial business and open source community under one online channel. A €20 Indie Mobile monthly subscription plan is also added, targeting mobile app developers with a commercially-licensed flexible and affordable package for mobile app development and deployment to the most popular stores. Qt is noted for its “write-once/run anywhere” UI development approach.

“Qt has been a driving force in Digia's international product business and in the past few years we have seen tremendous growth in the number of new customers where industry leaders have standardied their technology vision on Qt, but most notably in the number of worldwide downloads. With The Qt Company as a separate organisational entity, we feel there is even a greater potential for great success and growth for Qt where we can focus 100% and invest on Qt product and business development as well as geographic expansion,? said Juha Varelius, Digia Plc., CEO.

Qt is a C++ based framework of libraries and tools that enables the development of powerful, interactive and cross-platform applications and devices. Qt's support for multiple desktop, embedded and mobile operating systems allows developers to save time related to application and device development by reusing one code.

Qt's ecosystem of developers, now estimated to be over 800,000, has seen exponential growth since the December 2013 Qt 5.2 release and introduction of its Qt for Android and iOS ports. Within 6 weeks of launch, Qt 5.2 was downloaded 500,000 times, bringing it to a total of over 1 million downloads 4 months after release. This has been followed by a July release of Qt 5.3 with another 1 million downloads measured just over a month after launch.

The new website becomes the official Qt digital communication channel where both free community and various commercial packages can be downloaded. The €20 Indie Mobile package, targeted at hobby developers and small companies