Radiation-hardened mixed-signal ASICs for space – updated

February 12, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Building upon some 30 years of aerospace experience, Atmel’s ATMX150RHA ASIC delivers flexible analogue capabilities and up to 22million routable gates simplifying the design process for next-generation space applications

This next generation radiation-hardened (rad-hard) mixed-signal ASIC platform for high-performance and high-density solutions for space applications is manufactured on a 150 nm silicon on insulator (SOI) process.

Providing a platform that simplifies the design process for space application, Atmel’s new mixed-signal ATMX150RHA delivers up to 22 million routable gates, includes non-volatile memory blocks, flexible form factor with compiled SRAM and DPRAM blocks, and supports 2.5/3.3/5V and high-voltage (25-45-65V) I/Os with pre-qualified analogue IP. This flexible and highly integrated ASIC delivers an overall lower bill of materials for space applications. The ATMX150RHA ASIC platform is supported by a combination of state-of-art third-party and proprietary design tools including Synopsys, Mentor and Cadence.

ATMX150RHA integrates Atmel’s rad-hard technology and offers a full service option for customers designing ASICs up to the qualified flight models. As with previous Atmel ASIC platform generations, all ATMX150RHA products are fully designed, assembled, tested and qualified in Europe.

Atmel; www.atmel.com/devices/ATMX150RHA.aspx