Raspberry Pi embedded compute module development kit from element14

June 24, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor element14 has added to its development kit range; the Raspberry Pi Compute Development Kit is aimed at taking power of the Raspberry Pi to embedded applications.

The original Raspberry Pi has now sold over three million units worldwide, with applications ranging from a child's first experience of computing through to space explorations. Increasingly, due to its low cost, high performance and stable support package, many design engineers are incorporating a complete Raspberry Pi unit into their end design. With significant interest in using the Raspberry Pi in industrial and embedded applications the logical next step is to provide engineers with all the benefits the traditional board in a flexible form factor to support embedded design, hence the development of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module.

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module allows design engineers to use their own interface board that will host the compute module and deliver a smooth experience as they move from prototyping on the Pi through to shipping commercial product in volume.

Small and powerful, SODIMM sized (6.5 x 3 cm), the Compute Module contains the BCM2835 chip with 512 MB RAM with an on board 4 GB eMMC Flash memory for booting the OS.

For flexible and rapid prototype development, the kit contains a fully functional IO board which supports an extensive GPIO and multiple connectors for rapid prototype development with access to all of the BCM2835 functionality.

· Raspberry Pi Compute Module

  1. SODIMM sized 6.5cm by 3cm board
  2. BCM2835 chip with 512MB RAM
  3. On board 4GB eMMC Flash memory
  4. 200 pin edge connector

· IO Board

  1. Multiple GPIO interfaces
  2. 1 x micro USB connector type B
  3. 1 x USB connector type A
  4. 2 x CSI ports for camera boards
  5. 2 x DSI ports for display boards
  6. Full size HDMI port

· Adapters for camera and display

· Power Supply


· 4 jumper connectors

The Compute Development Kit costs $200 and is available from Farnell element14 and CPC in Europe;  http://releasd.com/f75c