Raspberry Pi’s PIXEL desktop, now on x86/PC/Mac

December 23, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Just in time to fill in any spare hours in the interval between December-winding-down and January-back-to-work, comes a software release from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. In September 2016, the Foundation released PIXEL, its desktop environment (a Linux/Debian distribution, basically) for the Pi. Now, there is a bootable version that will bring up exactly the same user experience on PC or Mac hardware – including some “mature” and limited-resource machines.

Raspberry Pi’s founder Eben Upton calls it, “...the GNU/Linux we would want to use,” and explains, “we asked ourselves one simple question: if we like PIXEL so much, why ask people to buy Raspberry Pi hardware in order to run it? There is a massive installed base of PC and Mac hardware out there, which can run x86 Debian just fine. Could we do something for the owners of those machines? [The result is] an experimental version of Debian+PIXEL for x86 platforms. Simply download the image, burn it onto a DVD or flash it onto a USB stick, and boot straight into the familiar PIXEL desktop environment on your PC or Mac.”

This quote is from a longer blog entry that describes the software release in more detail; you can read the complete blog post here, or go direct to the download.