Real-time Hypervisor for Haswell processors

June 05, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Allows safe, parallel deployment of multiple operating systems on a single hardware while preserving hard real-time

Real-Time Systems, a member of the Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance has announced Real-Time Hypervisor support for the 4th generation Intel Core processors (formerly codename “Haswell”). The RTS Hypervisor allows the parallel execution of multiple, independent operating systems on a single hardware platform based on processors with the new Intel microarchitecture.

The dual- and quad-core 4th generation Intel Core processors with their enhanced support for virtualisation lend support to partitioning using an embedded Hypervisor where each partition containing one or multiple CPUs can carry its own, independent operating system even for hard real-time purposes.

By utilising the RTS Hypervisor, a traditional embedded system, typically consisting of an industrial PC for the user interface and a separate hardware for real-time tasks, can now be replaced by a single hardware solution carrying multiple independent operating systems. Building a manageable, secure system with e.g. Microsoft Windows safely in parallel to a real-time operating system on just one board based on the 4th generation Intel Core processor, reduces the Bill of Materials while increasing a system’s reliability and reducing power consumption. This can be especially important for devices such as portable ultrasound equipment and industrial controllers / HMIs.

“Our customers in the medical field or in industrial control and automation equipment keep asking for processors with more and more performance but at the same time, the CPUs should use less and less power to keep temperature in a cabinet or housing at a minimum” said Gerd Lammers, CEO of Real-Time Systems in Germany (pictured, right). “This new generation of the Intel microarchitecture with its improved power efficiency and enhanced CPU performance is ideal for these types of applications. For this reason it was important that we had our Hypervisor ready for our customers the same day Intel released their new generation of x86 processors.”

RTS Hypervisor provides support for Microsoft Windows, Windows Embedded Compact, VxWorks, QNX Neutrino, T-Kernel, OS-9, On Time RTOS-32 and Linux. Proprietary