Received-energy RFID wireless sensor systems come complete

September 30, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Farsens has developed wireless sensor devices that can be used without batteries. These battery free sensor tags are based on UHF RFID technology and are able to continuously monitor and transmit data, together with the 96-bit EPC unique tag identifier, to any EPC Gen 2 standard compliant reader.

They include everything needed have a full passive sensor system up and running with no effort. Battery Free Sensor kits come with their wireless battery free sensor tags of choice plus a commercial UHF RFID reader, a reader antenna, reader power supply and Ethernet cable to connect to a PC or laptop. The kit also comes with a software program that displays the sensor tag data on a computer. Tags in these kits come in non-protected PCB formats for custom encapsulation or embedding in non-metallic assets/materials.

There are four sensor options for the Basic and Regular choices:

  1. Battery Free Temperature Sensor (BFTS) – any kit focused on temperature monitoring includes “Fenix” wireless battery-less temperature sensor tags.
  2. Battery Free Pressure Sensor (BFPS) – pressure monitoring kits include Vortex wireless battery-less pressure sensor tags.
  3. Battery Free Orientation Sensor (BFOS) – when the users need a kit to monitor spatial orientation of assets Kineo wireless battery free sensor tags are shipped.
  4. Battery Free Switch Sensor (BFSS) – any kit desired to monitor the open/close status of a mechanical switch is shipped with X1 wireless battery free switches.

Farsens designs and manufactures full passive RFID sensor solutions. A proprietary UHF RFID IC allows Farsens to develop long range solutions for asset tracking – via the unique ID – and monitoring – via the attached sensor – without the need of any battery on the tag.