Reconfigurable computing card hosts Xilinx UltraScale FPGAs.

July 02, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Alpha Data’s range of off-the-shelf boards is augmented with the ADM-XRC-KU1, a high performance reconfigurable XMC (compliant to VITA Standard 42.0 and 42.3) based on the Xilinx UltraScale range of platform FPGAs.

The ADM-XRC-KU1 features enhanced system monitoring, which allows the board to be managed by PCI Express or via USB. This aids programming and monitoring of the board status for multiple use models. The board has built-in DMA engines, contained in the always-up PCIe host interface. The ADM-XRC-KU1 also supports Alpha Data’s range of XRM I/O adaptors for application specific interfaces.

“The ADM-XRC-KU1 is based on the latest 20nm technology and delivers a huge increase in Performance / Watt of up to 5X improvement over previous generations. Lower power consumption allows reduced cooling demands, increased reliability, cost savings, and reduction in environmental impact,” says Adam Smith, CEO of Alpha Data.

ADM-XRC-KU1 carries 8 GB of DDR4 memory in four independent banks (capable of 38 GB/sec aggregate bandwidth), 20 nm ASIC-class FPGA with up to 1.2 million logic gates, GTH max line rate of 16.375 Gb/sec, LVDS max rate of 1600 Mb/sec, and can be ruggedised for conduction-cooled systems. The board has a built-in PCIe Gen2 x4 endpoint with four high-performance DMA engines. Applications can also utilise up to two direct PCIe Gen3 x8 links to the UltraScale FPGA.

The ADM-XRC-KU1 can be equipped with the Kintex UltraScale KU060, or KU115 devices and ships with a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) including example designs and software drivers.

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