Reference design shield to accelerate building automation projects

January 13, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Maxim Integrated has posted details of its MAXREFDES130#, which is an Arduino form-factor shield compatible with ARM mbed and Arduino platforms providing a complete reference for prototyping a building automation design.

This design includes eight 0VDC-10VDC analogue outputs, one 4-20mA output, one 4-20mA input, eight nonlatching relays, three latching relays, a real-time clock, and 1-Wire master. The MAXREFDES130# works with one or more of the MAXREFDES131#, the 1-Wire, Grid EYE sensor - bringing presence and gesture sensing feedback to the platform - to make a complete building automation solution.


The design’s multiple analogue IOs match the 0V to 10V and 4-20mA systems that are embedded in many buildings and control systems. In addition, both nonlatching and latching relays provide the ability to control multiple power lines and control temperature, both saving energy and ensuring a comfortable climate.



Maxim has developed libraries supporting the MAX11300 or PIXI (PIXI is a 20-port programmable mixed-signal I/O with 12-bit ADC, 12-bit DAC, analog switches), and GPIO, MAX4822 (relay driver), DS3231 (RTC) and 1-Wire have been developed for both mbed and Arduino to support rapid prototyping with MAXREFDES130#. Demonstration programs are provided both for Arduino and for mbed .


Maxim has a board implementing the reference design as a catalogue item; it runs from 24V DC and has a complete power chain (six power rails) including relay drivers, on-board.


Maxim Integrated;