Reinforced isolated amplifier for HV motor drives, inverters

June 29, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Lowest power consumption, highest DC accuracy and highest reliability are claimed by TI for these amplifier ICs, to provide higher levels of performance and longer lifespan in high-voltage motor drives and power inverters.

AMC1301, joining Texas Instruments’ reinforced isolation portfolio, offers lowest offset drift of 3 µV/C over the widest temperature range, -40C to 125C; the AMC1301 delivers the most accurate solution for shunt-based current sensing in high-voltage equipment, such as industrial motor drives, solar inverters, battery management systems and uninterruptible power supplies.


The AMC1301 is presented as the first isolated amplifier with a working breakdown voltage of 1,000 Vrms for a minimum insulation barrier lifetime of 64 years, which exceeds VDE0884-10 requirements. The IC has no relevant lifetime degradation, unlike optical components.

At 55% less high-side supply current and 45% less low-side supply current than competitive devices, the isolated amplifier improves power efficiency, simplifies power supply design and reduces thermal drift issues for a more efficient system design and improved performance.

With the lowest offset error maximum of 200 µV, the lowest offset drift and the best linearity of 0.03%, the AMC1301 enables engineers to design the most accurate system using an isolated amplifier over the widest temperature range, without having to compensate for DC and temperature drift errors.


Tools and support; to ease design

A TINA-TI SPICE model and TINA-TI reference design are available for the AMC1301 to help designers verify board-level signal-integrity requirements.

The AMC1301EVM evaluation module (EVM) is priced at $49.

A TI Designs reference design is available, which allows designers to use the AMC1301 to jump-start design of a cost-efficient reinforced isolated power stage in three-phase inverters, with the benefits of reduced power supply requirements and protection against DC bus under- and over-voltage.


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