Release 2014a of MATLAB and Simulink

March 10, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
MathWorks has announced Release 2014a (R2014a) of its MATLAB and Simulink product families. R2014a includes new releases of MATLAB and Simulink, and updates and bug fixes to 81 other products.

Updates include, in the MATLAB product family;

· MATLAB: Raspberry Pi and webcam hardware support packages

· Optimization Toolbox : Mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) solver

· Statistics Toolbox : Repeated measures modelling for data with multiple measurements per subject

· Image Processing Toolbox : C-code generation for 25 functions with MATLAB Coder, and GPU acceleration for 5 functions

· System Identification Toolbox : Recursive Least Squares Estimator and online model parameter estimation blocks

· MATLAB Production Server : Secure communication between client and server and dynamic request creation

Simulink product family

· Simulink: Data dictionary for defining and managing design data associated with models

· Simulink: Single-model workflow for algorithm partitioning and targeting of multicore processors and FPGAs

· Simulink: Built-in support for LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, Arduino Due, and Samsung Galaxy Android devices 

· Stateflow: Context-sensitive tab completion in Stateflow charts

· Simulink Real-Time : Instrument panels, high-resolution target display, FlexRay protocol support, and combined functionality of xPC Target and xPC Target Embedded Option

· SimMechanics: STEP file import and total constraint force calculation for joints

· Simulink Report Generator : Object Inspector and Informer for rich information display in Simulink web views

System Toolboxes for Design in MATLAB and Simulink

· Computer Vision System Toolbox : Stereo vision and optical character recognition (OCR) functions

Code Generation

· Embedded Coder : Support for merging changes from AUTOSAR tools into Simulink models

· Embedded Coder: ARM Cortex-A optimised code generation using Ne10 Library

· HDL Coder : Enumeration data type support and clock-frequency-driven automatic pipelining

· HDL Verifier : FPGA-in-the-loop over JTAG for Altera hardware