Renesas Mobile to double operators' GSM capacity with VAMOS II

April 30, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Renesas Mobile Corporation has undertaken the first pre-commercial trial of the latest version of Voice Services over Adaptive Multi-user Orthogonal Sub-channel (VAMOS II), the next step in the evolution of GSM technology.

Held on a test network in Beijing, and using ZTE infrastructure equipment, the successful trial involved a complete implementation of VAMOS II on Renesas Mobile's smartphone reference platform RRP11B. The results showed a twofold increase in available network capacity including pairing with legacy terminals.

VAMOS is a new technology designed to significantly increase operators' voice capacity on existing networks by enabling them to accommodate up to four speech users on a single GSM channel. VAMOS II, the focus of the recent trial, represents a considerable advance over its predecessor, and brings immediate benefits to operators on deployment. Operators' available capacity is increased as VAMOS II terminals require less power to maintain voice call quality. In addition, VAMOS II maximises the number of users on each channel as it permits a greater number of combinations of handset types (i.e. VAMOS I, VAMOS II or non-VAMOS) to be used simultaneously.