Renesas offers qualified software modules with Synergy MCUs

October 14, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Synergy is an embedded hardware-and-software platform from Renesas. The company observes that embedded product designers spend a disproportionate amount of time on “non-differentiating” software – the Synergy platform aims to make much of that available from guaranteed-performance libraries.

Synergy is, Renesas says, an integrated platform specifically designed to accelerate development of application software. The hardware part of the Synergy offering is a range of ARM-based microntrollers; supplemented by a tool platform, and a range of pre-qualified software functions. Using Synergy, you will be able to design from API level, and much of the routine effort of writing, for example, drivers, will be reduced to selecting from a library of software routines. With the participation of Express Logic (, the software will extend to communications stacks, middleware, and RTOS.

The hardware aspects of the platform are Cortex-M series MCUs, that are unique to the synergy programme. In this release, two variants are introduced; the S7G2 and S3A7 microcontroller (MCU) groups, which target connected human machine interface (HMI) and power-efficient control applications used in industrial, healthcare, home appliance and metering products. Development kits featuring these two MCU groups, software development tools, and the Renesas Synergy Software Package (SSP) are available now from the Renesas Synergy Gallery. Renesas is using two silicon technology options for Synergy; a low-power process, and a 40-nm embedded-flash process. There are two cores; an M0+ and an M4. S7 series parts will be non-performance variants, twith core frequencies in the 200/300 MHz range. S3 partas are flagged as high-efficiency, with 32-100 Mhz clocks. Both will use the cortex-M4 core, as will the forthcoming S5 high-integration version: planned introductions include the M0+ core, S1 series, which will be structured for ultra-low power.

The MCUs are described as scalable; there will be peripheral and pin compatibility across and between product series, and software will be transferable (but not from other Renesas MCU series).

The major differentiator of the Synergy offering will be the software, some of the elements including; a ThreadX RTOS, the commercial multitasking real time kernel with pre-emptive scheduling and small memory footprint; and Stacks & Middleware comprising X-Ware and Renesas-originated specialised software for