Renesas’ reorganization aims for "One Global Renesas"

March 06, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
On February 24th 2017, Renesas completed its acquisition of Intersil; it has followed that by commencing a “ step-by-step reform of [its] business organization with three business units to accelerate growth, aiming to have in place a structure to strengthen its position as "One Global Renesas", by July 2017.

The acquisition of Intersil was, Renesas says, part of its long-term plan to configure a stable and profitable business, now a the stage of expanding and strengthening its business portfolio for accelerated growth; Intersil was brought into the portfolio for its power management ICs and high-precision analogue devices.


Moving forwards, Renesas declares its intent to integrate Intersil into its operations, and to move beyond its Japan-centric business management and will be targeting becoming a truly global company as "One Global Renesas", a company that operates as a global organization without being bound by region.


After its reorganization, Renesas will have three main business units; first will the "Automotive Solution Business Unit": with the integration of the Intersil operations, Renesas’ general-purpose business unit will be split into two; one that focuses on application specific solutions ("Industrial Solution Business Unit") and one that focuses on a wide variety of end market solutions and a broad set of customers ("Broad-Based Solution Business Unit").


The "Broad-Based Solution Business Unit" will start operations on April 1, 2017 and aims to quickly start achieving synergistic effects with the Intersil businesses. These will be vertically-organised business units, with their own sales and marketing structures.


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