Renesas/TMG/Molex tie-up on industrial Ethernet solutions

November 28, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
Renesas Electronics Europe has teamed up with the company's alliance partner Technologie Management Gruppe (TMG) to offer software support for its multi-protocol industrial Ethernet solutions.

TMG is implementing PROFINET and EtherNet/IP stacks from Molex on the Renesas Industrial Network (R-IN) devices, providing customers with easy access to these technologies and a fast market entry.

With its hardware accelerator design, Renesas’ R-IN32M3 multi-protocol industrial Ethernet solutions are a claimed five times more efficient in Ethernet packet processing, while reducing overall power consumption by 50%. EtherCAT and CC-Link IE real-time protocols are implemented in hardware, offering the most robust implementation while limiting the impact on the overall power dissipation. Software based protocols such as EtherNet/IP, PROFINET RT, and Modbus TCP run on the ARM Cortex M3 processor with 1.3 MB embedded RAM attached.

Due to the high degree of integration, the R-IN devices include Ethernet PHYs, various fieldbus interfaces and multiple peripheral modules.

Molex PROFINET and EtherNet/IP SDKs allow sensor, actuator and PLC manufacturers to efficiently integrate PROFINET and EtherNet/IP into their products. Molex software stack solutions provide reliable and robust performance across complex industrial networks in a wide range of advanced manufacturing and automation applications. TMG has experience integrating Molex technologies onto a variety of devices. The availability of these stacks on the R-IN series of devices offers comprehensive and high quality implementations of industrial Ethernet technologies.

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