Researchers demonstrate all-paper Li-ion batteries

November 28, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Researchers from the Laboratoire de Génie des Procédés Papetiers (LGP2) in Grenoble, in collaboration with the Politechnico di Torino, have developed a new Li-ion paper-based battery in which the polymer electrodes have been replaced by paper electrodes.

The toxic solvent has been removed and the fluorinated binder has been replaced by cellulose fibers and microfibrils.

Using a simple filtration in aqueous medium procedure, the fibers are destructured at the nanometric scale, thus forming a 3D network which provides both mechanical resistance and good contact between the conducting particles. The demonstrator is in the maturation process, supported by GRAVIT - – and the researchers are seeking industrial partners for further development and commercialization.