RF CMOS switches step up specifications for wireless infrastructure

July 31, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Peregrine Semiconductor's high-isolation, multi-throw switches, the UltraCMOS PE42442 and PE42452, come with uprated performance to meet emerging requirements in wireless infrastructure equipment

Successors to the PE42451, these SP4T and SP5T switches include several additional features that support the latest wireless infrastructure demands, including an extended temperature range to 105C and control logic support of 1.8V and 3V. With the rapid expansion of LTE and, soon, LTE-A, these high-isolation switches provide a reliable solution for wireless infrastructure applications and enable LTE-infrastructure designs to maximise spectral efficiency and data throughput.

“As the demands of the wireless infrastructure market shift, Peregrine has strategically added key features that help our customers adapt to emerging trends,” says Kinana Hussain, senior marketing manager. “[With Peregrine's] UltraCMOS technology... RF engineers can leverage an increased temperature range, lower power consumption and more design flexibility, coupled with key UltraCMOS advantages in reliability, linearity, ESD and consistent RF performance.”

PE42442 and PE42452 include several new features. The temperature support is increased to 105C, a 1.8V logic control is included to enable lower power consumption and a wider power supply range of 2.3V to 5.5V is employed for maximum design flexibility. Additionally, the insertion loss, isolation and ESD protection on the switch are enhanced.

PE42442, a SP4T RF switch, is a four-throw version of the PE42452 and offers a 52 dB port-to-port isolation at 2.7 GHz and 61 dB at 900 MHz. PE42452, a SP5T RF switch, is a pin-compatible upgraded version of the PE42451 and delivers 52 dB isolation at 2.7 GHz and 61 dB at 900 MHz. The 50-Ω absorptive switches have high linearity up to 4 GHz with a more than 55 dBm IIP3. These high-isolation switches deliver ESD protection of 4 kV HBM on all RF pins, enabling high manufacturing reliability.

In a 24-lead, 4x4mm QFN package, PE42442 is priced at $1.60 and PE42452 at $1.92 each (10,000). Evaluation kits are also available.

Peregrine; www.psemi.com