RF front-end amplifiers and filters for small cell transceivers

June 17, 2013 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Avago Technologies has announced two RF power amplifiers, the MGA-43728 and MGA-43828, and a WiFi FBAR filter, the ACFF-1024, designed specifically for small cell base transceiver station (BTS) applications.

Expanding upon Avago’s MGA-43x28 PA family, the MGA-43728 and MGA-43828 are respectively new UMTS/LTE Band 7 and Band 8 power amplifiers featuring high linearity, gain and power-added efficiency (PAE) with integrated power detector and shutdown function.

The ACFF-1024 is a miniature band-pass filter optimised for use in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. Designed with Avago’s FBAR technology, the ACFF-1024 enables concurrent operation of WiFi and Bluetooth applications that coexist with other wireless standards such as PCS and LTE Bands 7, 38, and 40 without performance degradation due to interference.

The MGA-43728 features a linear Pout of 27.3 dBm at 48 dBc ACLR (LTE, 10-MHz/50RB), gain of 38.3 dB, and PAE of 13.7%. The MGA-43828 has a linear Pout of 27 dBm at 50 dBc ACLR (UMTS, 5 MHz), gain of 33.0 dB and PAE of 15.0%.

The ACFF-1024 offers WiFi and Bluetooth coexistence with LTE Bands 7, 38, and 40, as well as 57 dB minimum attenuation in LTE Band 7, 55 dB minimum attenuation in LTE Band 38, and 50 dB minimum attenuation in LTE Band 40.

Avago;  www.avagotech.com