RF, microwave filter design software

January 09, 2013 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Atlanta RF is pleased to announce the release of CLPfilter, an RF/microwave CAE software product, which performs electrical synthesis of the lumped-element lowpass filter, dimensional synthesis of the coaxial distributed circuit, and frequency analysis of the multi-section coaxial lowpass filter.

In terms of the synthesis of multi-section coaxial lowpass filter designs, CLPfilter features:

  1. Synthesis of electrical circuit for a lowpass filter;
  2. Synthesis of the distributed circuit for the coaxial lowpass filter; and
  3. Synthesis of the number of sections (N) needed to achieve a skirt attenuation.

For electrical synthesis of various filter design options, the software offers:

  1. Chebyschev or Butterworth frequency response;
  2. Standard electrical circuit or its dual electrical circuit; and
  3. Prototype lowpass circuit elements that are included.

In terms of the frequency analysis response profile, CLPfilter caters for:

  1. Real and Imaginary input impedance: R + jX;
  2. Input VSWR and thru-path insertion loss;
  3. Insertion phase and time delay;
  4. Peak RF power handling of the coax lowpass filter; and
  5. Higher-order TE11 modes for the coax lowpass filter.

CLPfilter provides the user with full design capability, from synthesis to frequency analysis of lumped-element lowpass filters and their distributed coaxial form. User data files can be read into CLPfilter so that popular coax lowpass filter designs are analyzed and understood, prior to manufacturing.

A free DEMO version of RF design software product: CLPfilter is available for download at www.AtlantaRF.com.