RF power amplifier linearizer with integrated dual-RMS power measurement unit

April 04, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Scintera Networks has announced the SC1889A-00B11 RF power amplifier linearizer (RFPAL) with integrated dual-RMS power measurement unit (PMU). Based on broadly deployed and field-proven technology, the SC1889A-00B11 expands the company's system footprint beyond power amplifier linearization to include RF power measurement thus enabling designers to further reduce cost, size, power and design cycles in 3G and 4G RF cellular infrastructure systems.

The SC1889A-00B11 integrates the entire PMU function that would otherwise require up to three external devices consisting of a precision RMS power detector, an analog-to-digital converter and a microcontroller. The new function requires no additional external components beyond those already required for the RFPAL and integrates seamlessly with the existing linearization function. The PMU simplifies designs by providing data as digital codes that are easily exported to any controller through a standard digital interface.

The PMU delivers excellent measurement performance across cellular frequencies, RF power levels and operating conditions. Requiring only a single point of calibration, the simultaneous dual-RMS power detector provides an absolute accuracy (typical) of ±0.1 dB over the first 20 dB of the input range and ±0.5 dB over the last 10 dB of input range for the power amplifier (PA) lineup input and output. This level of performance enables designers to utilize the SC1889A-00B11 for precise control of PA gain and output power required for wireless infrastructure transmitters across all major 3G and 4G standards including WCDMA, LTE and TD-LTE.

"Our cellular infrastructure customers have integrated Scintera's linearizers in well over 100,000 RF power amplifiers now deployed in the field, and the rate of adoption continues to accelerate," said Davin Lee, chief executive officer of Scintera. "Delivering a complementary feature to our existing RFPALs, like high performance power detection, will further drive adoption by accelerating our customers' ability to deliver systems under aggressive cost, power and footprint constraints."

The SC1889-00B11 is packaged in a standard 64-pin, 9 x 9 mm QFN package enabling the entire solution to fit in less than 6 cm-squared of board space enabling integration into even the most restricted form factors.

The SC1889-00B11 is available now in mass production quantities.