Roadshows introduce UI development platform for Android/iOS mobile app writers

February 13, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Digia has announced a series of Qt Mobile Roadshows that will run in the US, UK and Germany during February and March. The full-day events will feature technical training and developer presentations focused on how the Qt cross-platform application and user interface (UI) development framework can be used to enhance, simplify and accelerate development for the leading mobile OS platforms.

Sessions will be delivered by Digia Qt trainers and Qt R&D specialists. In Europe the dates are UK (London) on March 11 and Germany (Berlin) on March 13.

The agenda for the day includes:

· Introduction to Qt Mobile, Qt Developer Offering for Mobile Platforms

· Getting Started with Qt Mobile Programming using Qt Quick Controls

· Qt on Android, Deploying to Devices and Google Play

· Qt on iOS, Deploying to Devices and App Store

· Introduction to Qt on Windows Phone and WinRT

· Qt Cloud Services

Qt is a full framework that enables the development of powerful, interactive and platform-independent applications. Qt applications run native on desktop, embedded and mobile host systems. Qt’s support for multiple platforms and operating systems allows developers to save significant time related to porting to other devices.

For details of the Qt Mobile Roadshows and to register, visit the Digia website


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