Rogowski current probes measure power semiconductor switching currents

March 20, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Power Electronic Measurements’ CWT MiniHF is an AC probe with improved common mode immunity to local high voltage transients, and more precise measurement delay which can be compensated for to give improved power loss measurement in power semiconductors using SiC and GaN technology.

Combining a novel shielding technique, utilising a low sensitivity coil and patented low-noise signal-conditioning circuitry, the CWT MiniHF wide-band screened probe boosts immunity to local dV/dt transients while maintaining small size, flexibility, and 3 dB bandwidth of up to 30 MHz for a 100 mm coil. The probes feature a coil 4.5 mm thick with 5 kV insulation voltage, and can handle maximum current slope of 100 kA/µsec.

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