RTOS supports end-to-end solution for Internet of Things designs

October 01, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Micrium Spectrum is a pre-integrated end-to-end portfolio of embedded software, protocol stacks, cloud services to facilitate development of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, supporting development for the IoT “from device to the cloud”.

Micrium Spectrum is also silicon vendor agnostic, which allows designers to develop proprietary and differentiated solutions. “The IoT is driving a resurgence in the embedded industry,” said Jean Labrosse, CEO and president of Micrium. “IoT-ready devices require a solid software infrastructure, including a real-time kernel plus additional services like TCP/IP, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth stacks, as well as cloud services and the ability to put it all together. This is what we are bringing to market in Micrium Spectrum; a truly end-to-end approach designed to allow engineers to maximise the performance of their systems.”

Micrium Spectrum is a comprehensive offering of products and services to facilitate and accelerate the design of IoT-ready devices:

Real time operating system (RTOS): µC/OS-II or µC/OS-III

Local networking: Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth (classic and low energy)

IoT protocols: http client and server with REST API, MQTT

Java support: Java Virtual Machine for deeply embedded systems

Cloud computing: Web services such as cloud-server interfaces, data brokering and cloud storage

“For the IoT to truly take off, devices need to be interconnected so information can be exchanged between systems – machine to machine – or connected to the cloud,” said Christian Légaré, CTO and executive vice president of Micrium. “Fundamentally, IoT devices are embedded systems with connectivity, so it is important to approach the IoT from the embedded systems level. Micrium Spectrum makes sense of the IoT, making it easy to design reliable, high-performance devices and maximise their potential.”

"This is a real break-through, putting integrated end-to-end IoT into the hands of developers in a powerful yet easy to use solution," said Chris Hills, CO of Phaedrus Systems.

Micrium, www.micrium.com via Phaedrus Systems, www.phaedsys.com