RTOS visualisation tool: free edition uprated with CPU activity monitor

February 25, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Percepio (Västerås, Sweden) now offers improved facilities in its Tracealyzer Free Edition visualization tool for embedded software developers.

Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS, in its v3.0.4 release, has been upgraded in the feature-limited Free Edition; it no longer limits the recording length when using snapshot recording mode and thereby allows for profiling FreeRTOS tasks over longer periods. The Free Edition now includes a CPU Load Graph, giving a horizontal time-line showing the total CPU usage, and also CPU usage per task/interrupt. This gives an overview of the trace and allows for navigating in the main trace view.

“The new and improved Free Edition is even more usable for makers, hobbyists, and home users.” Says Mike Skrtic, Marketing and Sales Manager at Percepio.

Percepio’s Tracealyzer provides mviews into captured activity of a target system, giving insight into the runtime of embedded software, which facilitates understanding, troubleshooting and optimisation. Percepio collaborates with several leading vendors of operating systems for embedded software.

Percepio; www.percepio.com