Rugged power-switch gate driver saves power

November 04, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Infineon’s 1EDN EiceDRIVER family comprises 1-channel low-side gate driver ICs that drive silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs as well as GaN power devices. Pin-out and packages are fully compatible to the industry standard which eases drop-in replacement for existing designs.

Applications which can exploit the performance of the driver IC include telecom and industrial SMPS, DC-DC converters, PFC in electrical vehicle charging stations as well as industrial applications such as AC power tools, UPS, air conditioning and fans. The family also supports wireless charging applications.


Compared to other 1-channel low-side gate driver ICs, the 1EDN EiceDRIVER family from Infineon ofers lower internal power consumption. The low-ohmic output stages translate into a higher efficiency of more than 30%. This allows for additional design flexibility and driving more power devices whilst staying within the thermal budget.


The outputs of the 1EDN family feature a reverse current robustness of 5A. This eliminates the need for protection diodes when driving MOSFETs with large parasitic source inductances typically found in TO-220 or TO-247 packages. With the new driver ICs customers can thus save on both BoM and PCB area.


The 1EDN portfolio also highlights -10V input robustness securing a crucial safety margin against ground-shifts when driving gate-transformers. This extra noise robustness protects against electrical overstress of the inputs or latch-up of the driver IC. The 1EDN family includes variants with separate source and sink output terminals. This eases turn-on and turn-off speed optimization, while saving one external diode. The 1EDN EiceDRIVER family will be showcased at electronica 2016 in Munich.