Sales figure compilation for 2013 ranks processor vendors

May 01, 2014 // By Peter Clarke
Intel was the leading vendor of microprocessors (MPUs) in 2013 but its sales declined year-on-year while vendors of ARM-based processors increased sales and took market share, according to market research company IC Insights.

Qualcomm is ranked number two and its rise reflects the marketshare gains for makers of processors for mobile phone and tablet computers who, in aggregate, increased market share to 31% in 2013 from 26% in 2012.

In 2013 the MPU market was worth $58.6 billion, about 22% of total IC sales, IC Insights reckons.

Within the MPU category tablet application processors were about 6%, up from 4% the previous year, while cellphone processors accounted for 25% of the revenue, up from 22% in 2012. This leaves MPUs used in personal and server computers and embedded processing dropping to 69% of the total, from 74% in 2012.

Leading MPU suppliers ranked by 2013 sales ($M). Source: IC Insights.

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices, makers of x86 processors, have been suffering from this trend. While Intel has been trying to break into the ARM domain of mobile equipment – with little success – Advanced Micro Devices has been persuaded to license the ARM 64b-bit architecture for use in server processors.