Samsung CIGT metal composite power inductors in distribution

September 24, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Small size and high efficiency saves PCB space in DC/DC power converters

A compact CIGT series of power inductors from Samsung Electro-Mechanics is now available from distributor TTI. These efficient devices have a monolithic structure incorporating metal composite technology with special powder and small grain size to reduce AC losses. DC losses are also lower than comparable multilayer inductors due to the use of wirewound technology using copper wire. They are magnetically shielded and extremely reliable.

Samsung CIGT composite power inductors are available in saturation currents up to 5A and inductances from 0.24 µH up to 1.0 µH. Operating temperature range is -40C to +125C. A range of sizes including a low profile type is available suit applications where PCB space is limited, such as mobile phones, tablets, LCD and AMOLED displays and storage.