Samsung, LG aim at settlement in OLED patent quarrel

February 05, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
In the dispute about OLED and LCD patents between Samsung Display and LG Display, a settlement seems to be in the offings. According to Asian media reports, the CEOs of both companies, Kim Ki-nam (Samsung) and Han Sang-beom (LG) have met in a hotel in Seoul to discuss possible solutions to discuss details of their legal cases.

Past September, LG Display had sued Samsung over patents for organic LEDs. The action was directed against Samsung's OLED panels for mobile devices such as Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note. Two months later, Samsung responded with a countercharge aiming at invalidating seven OLED-related patents of LG. According to Samsung's complaint, these patents were lacking of the necessary degree of innovation. In another legal dispute, Samsung claims that LG has illegally copied and commercialized its PLS Switching technology. Reportedly, the tone in the dispute was fierce.

The relationship between the two companies was poisoned by another case of conflict: Allegedly, a number of current and former Samsung employees have passed confidential information on an AMOLED TV set to the competitor. These data thefts allegedly have taken place in during the years 2010 and 2011.