Samsung unveils next-generation bendable batteries for smart devices

October 26, 2015 // By Paul Buckley
Samsung has unveiled a new line of battery prototypes which the company claims are able to power wearable smart devices for longer by providing as much as 50% more battery life.

Samsung SDI unveiled the company's Stripe and Band batteries at the recent InterBattery 2015 event at COEX, Seoul, South Korea.

The Stripe battery is designed to bend and conform freely as a fibre and offers high energy density. The battery is capable of adapting to various forms - such as a necklace, hairband, t-shirt accessories, and more.

The Stripe battery contains multiple element technologies that were independently developed by Samsung SDI. Careful use of materials internally and externally yieldss an ultra-slim 0.3 mm design. The battery also features a higher energy density compared to currently available batteries by minimising the width of battery sealing.

At InterBattery 2015 Samsung SDI also showcased the company's Band battery which is a next-generation product that targets smartwatch applications. When the battery is applied on the bands of any smartwatch, it will enhance the battery capacity by more than 50%.

Samsung SDI has shown that the Band battery is capable of operating normally after being bent more than 50 thousand times within the curvature of human wrist circumference.