Scan/decode module embeds 2D barcode reading

July 11, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Honeywell’s N6600 Series Ultra-Slim Area-Imaging Engine and its miniature decoding board Mini DB, together enable small mobile devices to quickly and accurately capture data from barcodes.


Measuring 6.8 mm in height, the N6600 series is offered as one of the slimmest and most compact engines of its kind currently on the market. It can be embedded in mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet sleds or wearable scanning solutions used in retail, distribution centre, logistics and parcel delivery environments.


Designed for rugged environments, the N6600 series features a global shutter with the ability to accurately read most damaged or poorly printed barcodes, as well as a high motion tolerance of 5.84 metres per second. It incorporates either a green LED aimer or a red laser aimer depending on the environmental conditions and use cases.


“The N6600 series is the slimmest 2D scan engine on the market,” said Emre Onder, vice president, electronic and optical sensing, Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions. “It offers a range of data capture applications that can be used by workers in a variety of rugged environments, from delivery drivers attempting to scan barcodes outdoors in bright sunlight to distribution centre workers who need to quickly capture data from a package’s damaged label.”


The N6600 series features a scan rate of 60 frames-per-second and accurately reads 2D barcodes. As businesses need greater access to data to enhance their operations, they continue to shift from linear 1D barcodes, which contain limited amounts of data, to 2D barcodes. This multiplies the amount of data that can be stored and enables other data, such as images, to be captured by scanners.


The N6600 scan engine can also be paired with the Mini DB, Honeywell’s miniature-size decoder board. The Mini DB is 60% smaller than the previous decoder generation, which provides manufacturers with the flexibility to integrate it into smaller mobility devices. It offers a board-to-board connection configuration and the choice between RS 232 and USB interfaces. Honeywell’s updated decoding software optimizes the Mini DB’s performance by enhancing off-screen reading and decoding.