Scope probes for high-speed bus testing boost bandwidth

February 27, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Keysight Technologies’ bandwidth-enhanced N7000A InfiniiMax III+ differential probes are designed for general-purpose, high-speed differential bus probing. The company also introduced an active termination adapter that provides ultra-low noise voltage termination to a non-ground signal, and QuickTip accessories for InfiniiMax I/II probes.

The InfiniiMax III+ probes work with the full array of Keysight’s InfiniiMax III probe heads, including a wide range of solder-in probe heads, a browser head, ZIF (zero insertion force) tips, 2.92-mm/3.5-mm/SMA heads and the QuickTip head. These probing solutions complement the Infiniium V-Series oscilloscopes.

For high-speed signal probing, solder-in probe heads are commonly used. Unfortunately, solder-in probes are not the ideal solution when it comes to moving around multiple test points on a target board. The N2851A QuickTip probe head for InfiniiMax I/II provides what Keysight claims as the only quick connect/disconnect capability when measuring multiple high-speed test points. The QuickTip design uses three small, gold-plated magnets as the actual contacts to gold-plated steel buttons on the probe tip. Engineers can install multiple N2849A probe tips on a device under test, allowing quick and reliable measurements of many probe points.