Secure data exchange for embedded IoT devices using Dropbox

January 13, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Segger (Hilden, Germany) has configured a Dropbox client as part of its Internet of Things (IoT) offerings.

IoT devices, Segger observes, have different communication needs. The Dropbox client is suitable for projects which need to manage various amounts of data. This is accomplished by loading or storing files, even large data files, in a secure and reliable way using the public Dropbox API. Typical use cases include; firmware updates, log files, and for that matter, any information shared between different IoT devices and/or a central server.


Segger sees Dropbox as a great platform for this style of connected application, with proven reliability, unlimited capacity and the ability to store data for an unlimited time. The Dropbox client enables secure data exchange, using SSL/TLS, and a standards-compliant TCP/IP stack with a socket interface.


The client requires Segger's emSSL transport layer security (TLS) product; integration with Segger embOS/IP networking stack enables Dropbox use on small microcontrollers. A commercial license provides access to the full source code. A PC evaluation package is available which enables evaluation of this solution in just minutes.