Segger’s Flasher PRO programs devices in 27 architectures

November 06, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Segger has introduced the Flasher PRO, combining its Flasher ARM, Flasher RX and Flasher PPC into one single unit. Flasher PRO can program all supported devices in PC-based mode and most devices also in stand-alone mode.

The unit can be controlled using RS232, handshake lines, USB and Ethernet, providing a high degree of flexibility combined with high speed flash programming. Flasher PRO currently supports 27 different target architectures and over 4500 individual devices. The programmer's internal memory can host multiple firmware images for different targets. It offers a high degree of flexibility to integrate it into any production environment by connecting and controlling it with PCs or ATEs along with the serial number and patch programming options, which suits it to mass production environments.