Segger bundles debug software with advanced J-Link hardware

May 12, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Segger has released its J-Link Debugger software for embedded applications. In addition to standard debugging features such as C source and assembly level debugging, J-Link Debugger also supports high-end debugging techniques such as Segger's Real Time Terminal (RTT).

RTT provides for bidirectional, high-speed Terminal I/O (printf), setting an unlimited number of breakpoints even when debugging in flash memory, instruction trace, and ultra-fast flash download with J-Link/J-Trace. In addition to Segger RTT, other basic terminal I/O techniques such as ARM's Serial Wire Output (SWO) and semihosting are also supported.

J-Link Debugger can load applications/ELF files built with any compiler or even debug the target’s resident application without any source files being available. It is also fully controllable via script files making it a suitable solution for automated test setups. Instruction trace is also available in J-Link Debugger, allowing to view the stack of most recently executed machine instructions. This allows a better means of debugging complex problems and bugs.

The J-Link Debugger has been designed for the advanced set of Segger’s J-Link debug probes. This includes the J-Trace, J-Link PRO, J-Link ULTRA+, and J-Link PLUS. Other J-Link models may be used with the evaluation version of the J-Link Debugger.


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