Sensile Technologies selects Saft lithium batteries to power smart telemetry devices for oil and gas storage

January 29, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
Saft has signed a contract with Sensile Technologies, the Swiss machine to machine (M2M) equipment specialist, to provide over 20,000 primary lithium batteries to power smart remote GSM telemetry and level‐monitoring systems for oil and gas storage tanks.

The batteries, based on Saft LS17500 lithium‐thionyl chloride (Li‐SOCl2) cells, offer a service life of seven to 10 years, making them ideal for Sensile Technologies’ devices, which will be installed at remote locations for customers who demand reliability and long life. The 7.2 V 3.6 Ah batteries will power the latest generation SENTS devices that measure liquid or gas tank levels, record the data and transfer it by SMS (short message service) or GPRS (general packet radio service) to a central monitoring system.

The SENTS systems provide customers with detailed knowledge of exactly how much liquid or gas is stored in their tanks, enabling them to offer improved service to their own customers, with the assurance that the tank will never run dry. They also benefit from optimised purchasing of fuel, gasoline, LPG, lubricants and other stored fluids.

The Saft LS series cells are designed for metering applications, where they have an extremely wide operating temperature range of ‐ 60 to + 85°C, are leak‐proof at up to + 130°C, and housed in corrosion‐proof containers. The cells are stable and reliable with low self‐discharge, enabling the SENTS sensors to meet their specified operating life of 10 years with no need for battery replacement or other maintenance operations.

Sensile Technologies anticipates that the long‐life SENTS sensors will be popular with customers looking to optimise stocks and deliveries, reduce logistics costs and accurately monitor consumption levels. “The long life, safe and reliability of the Saft batteries means that maintenance and replacement
costs are kept to a minimum, also benefitting the environment”, said Jean‐Marc Uehlinger, Sensile’s Operational Director.

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